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Post-Op Opioid MME Monitoring

Opioid reduction is quickly becoming a CMS hospital quality measure due to the dangers that opioids present. The Opioid Monitoring app makes it easy for physicians to track and monitor daily opioid consumption for “opioid-naive” patients after surgery and before discharge. The app tracks every opioid consumed by the patient on a daily basis during the encounter, and graphically represents the daily utilization trend while also displaying relative potency between opioids. Guideline based clinical decision support recommendations are also provided to guide providers towards eliminating opioid utilization prior to discharge.


  • Calculates and graphs daily Morphine Milligram Equivalent (MME) for each opioid that has been administered
  • Provides clinical decision support recommendations that factor in the patient’s current state and clinical guidelines
  • Embeds directly into physician workflow before, during, and after patient rounds

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