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Drug – Gene Annotation

Studies show that over half of all primary care patients are exposed to drugs that have known drug-gene interactions; that 7% of FDA-approved medications and 18% of the 4 billion prescriptions written in the United States per year are affected by actionable drug-gene interactions; and that nearly all individuals (98%) have at least one known, actionable genomic variant that affects medications.

Our Drug-Gene Annotation app identifies genetic variants that affect drug metabolism, efficacy, and safety; and reports actual and potential drug interactions. Actual interactions are those where a genetic variant affects a currently active medication. Potential interactions are those where a genetic variant is present that can affect a medication, should the patient be exposed to it in the future.


  • Compares a patient’s medication list against their genomic data and reports identified interactions.
  • Preemptively scans a patient’s genomic data for variants that affect drug metabolism/efficacy/safety.
  • Implements Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) Level A (i.e. actionable) drug-gene interaction findings.

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