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COVID-19 Registry Reporting App

**This app is FREE to any organization that needs it**

Reporting COVID-19 to state and local registries is extremely important to help with supply and resource planning at the local and national levels. Most reporting forms will mirror the CDC’s COVID-19 Person Under Investigation (PUI) form. The problem is that the form is often paper-based and submitted via fax, email, or phone which are all time intensive efforts when hospitals are already stretched to the max. Elimu has created a SMART on FHIR COVID-19 reporting form that embeds in your EHR and auto-populates from data available within the EHR. We’ll customize the form to your particular state/local agency needs to save valuable time while eliminating errors.  All data is automatically codified to the correct nomenclature (ICD-10, SNOMED, RxNorm, CPT, etc) and sent digitally to your local registry.


  • Customizable to your State or Local agency form
  • Form auto-populates from your EHR data
  • Can pull in, and populate data from Patient Reported Outcomes apps
  • Any fields left unpopulated can be manually entered
  • All data is codified, structured, and sent to regional and national registries
  • This app is free to use and implementation and support is also free
  • Implementation can be done remotely, no onsite presence required