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Automated SOFA Calculator

As hospital resources become constrained due to COVID-19 related patient surges, having a data driven view of multi organ failure due to sepsis, and other causes, is a necessity. The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) scores and monitors patient organ function in six key areas:

  • Respiratory (through partial oxygen pressure or fraction of inhaled O2)
  • Cardiovascular (checks hypotension status through mean arterial pressure and vasopressor administrations)
  • Hepatic (evaluation of liver function through bilirubin)
  • Coagulation (platelet count)
  • Renal (glomerular filtration rate checked through creatinine and urine output)
  • Neurological (level of consciousness assessment though Glasgow coma scale)

Elimu’s app embeds in Cerner via SMART on FHIR (Epic integration coming soon), automatically fills the form fields by fetching and analyzing the data from the EHR, and writes the score back to the Cerner chart. This saves approximately 15 minutes of work per patient per day which is invaluable in the ICU.

**If you would like to use this app for free for your COVID response, please contact us.**


  • Embeds in your EHR workflow via SMART on FHIR
  • Automatically calculates and populates the “worst” data value in 24 hours for each of the six organ functions
  • Saves approximately 15 minutes of work per patient per day
  • Provides associated mortality rates with each SOFA score
  • SOFA score can be written back to the EHR chart
  • *Coming soon – SOFA score can be automatically run/calculated every 24 hours and written to chart
  • *Coming soon – Daily SOFA score trend/graph

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