The major EHR vendors are opening their platforms to SMART on FHIR app vendors to fill the gaps in workflow and knowledge that would be difficult for EHRs to build and support. All of Elimu’s SMART on FHIR apps are:

  • Built in a standard repeatable way via our Sapphire platform
  • Certified by your EHR vendor prior to installation
  • Extremely flexible and customizable because of our Omnibus platform
  • Tuned to bring the greatest value to you and your providers

Hospital Quality & Surgery

Quality is a big component of Hospital compliance. Do you need standardized workflows that lead to better outcomes before patients undergo costly and complex procedures? Do you have specific guidelines for certain situations like pain management, AKI, or other quality workflows that are still paper based? Our ever growing library of apps solves these problems and more.

Automated SOFA Calculator

The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) embeds in your EHR, pulls all of the data needed for the calculation, and writes the score back to the EHR chart.

Post-Op Opioid MME Monitoring

The Opioid Reduction app makes it easy for physicians to track and monitor daily opioid consumption for “opioid-naive” post-op patients.

Pre-habilitation (Pre-Hab)

These apps use nationally recognized guidelines to evaluate, and track a patient’s “surgery ready” fitness.

Pre-Op Evaluation

Our Preoperative Evaluation app brings all of your information together into a neat and tidy view.


Genomic data is a good thing conceptually, but in practice it’s difficult for providers to apply genomic data to their everyday workflows. EHRs also have a hard time incorporating genomics data in a meaningful way. That’s because genomics is really really complicated. You need experts to unlock the power of genomics, and that’s where our growing library of apps come in.

Drug – Gene Annotation

Our Drug-Gene Annotation app identifies genetic variants that affect drug metabolism, efficacy, and safety.

Problem – Gene Annotation

Our Problem-Gene Annotation app returns identified genetic variants that are ‘associated’ with a given condition.

Other Apps

We work with customers to quickly add solutions/apps to our App Gallery through our standardized SMART on FHIR app development platform, Sapphire. Current apps that are in discovery phase include:

  • Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec)
  • Precision Oncology Tumor Board
  • Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
  • Sepsis
  • Problem Reconciliation
  • Allergy Reconciliation

Let us know if these or other apps would be helpful to your organization!

Patient Concierge

Elimu’s PatientConcierge app deploys HIPAA-compliant text messages to improve communication and engagement while lowering costs and driving reimbursements