Sapphire® App Assembler

What SMART on FHIR Enables

Imagine if your mobile phone didn’t support apps. Would it be nearly as useful? How long would it take for your phone manufacturer to replicate and support all of the apps you currently use? EHRs face the same challenge. Having one EHR to serve all clinical specialities is challenging. It’s challenging for your providers, and it’s challenging for the EHR vendors themselves. That’s why the major EHR vendors are opening their platforms to SMART on FHIR app innovators to fill the gaps in workflow and knowledge that would be difficult for the EHR vendors to build and support

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Why Elimu uses Sapphire

Customers don’t need one or two apps to make their EHR work for all of their providers across all of their specialities. They need dozens of apps. That’s not affordable by even the largest health systems. Sapphire’s pre-built widgets, drag-and-drop user interface, and configurability allows Elimu to bring apps to market at a fraction of the cost. Because each of our apps is built through the same processes and utilizing the same APIs, quality and reliability go up while time to build goes down. That’s how dozens of apps become affordable, and how you solve dozens of problems.

Implementations Go Really Fast

In addition to driving affordability, quality, and reliability, all Sapphire apps utilize the same integration points which makes implementations go really fast. For dozens of apps, your IT staff will only have to maintain an integration with one vendor. Security reviews, BAAs, and all of the other administrative overhead shrink by orders of magnitude.

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How do I get started?

Check out our apps which are all engineered in partnership with customers, and can be easily configured to meet your unique needs. Our App Gallery is ever growing so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us to build and add the app(s) you need. It’s that easy!

Learn About Our Apps

Patient Concierge

Elimu’s PatientConcierge app deploys HIPAA-compliant text messages to improve communication and engagement while lowering costs and driving reimbursements

Automated SOFA Calculator

The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) embeds in your EHR, pulls all of the data needed for the calculation, and writes the score back to the EHR chart.

Pre-habilitation (Pre-Hab)

These apps use nationally recognized guidelines to evaluate, and track a patient’s “surgery ready” fitness.

Drug – Gene Annotation

Our Drug-Gene Annotation app identifies genetic variants that affect drug metabolism, efficacy, and safety.

Problem – Gene Annotation

Our Problem-Gene Annotation app returns identified genetic variants that are ‘associated’ with a given condition.

Pre-Op Evaluation

Our Preoperative Evaluation app brings all of your information together into a neat and tidy view.

Post-Op Opioid MME Monitoring

The Opioid Reduction app makes it easy for physicians to track and monitor daily opioid consumption for “opioid-naive” post-op patients.

How Sapphire Works

Sapphire is a cloud-based development platform that is constantly maintained to the latest standards. It comes with pre-built widgets (Problems, Medications, Calculators, etc.) that we can drag-and-drop into countless configurations, to assemble working apps in minutes. There is no coding whatsoever which speeds up our development and reduces bugs. Sapphire’s rapid development approach also reduces requirements gathering sessions, and stakeholder/steering committee reviews. Watch the 2 minute video to the left to see it in action.

Features of All Sapphire Built Apps

  • CDS-Hooks enabled
  • Access to library of forms, calculators, graphs, etc
  • Can access and display non-FHIR data
  • Built-in semantic normalization APIs via Omnibus
  • Built-in Clinical Decision Support platform
  • Ability to access data from multiple sources
  • All apps are SMART on FHIR enabled
  • All apps updated to the latest standards - SMART, FHIR, SNOMED, ICD10, etc