SapphireTM App Assembler

Build smart on FHIR apps in minutes

Many health systems are looking to SMART on FHIR apps to bridge gaps in workflow in and across settings of care. Building one or two apps is doable, but you may soon realize you need 20 to 30 apps. What do you do then? Enter Sapphire App Assembler. Sapphire is a drag-and-drop app assembling platform that anyone can use to assemble SMART on FHIR apps in minutes. There is no coding required, and it’s all hosted in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about release management, maintenance, support, etc. And did we mention Sapphire is super affordable?

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Traditional Development vs. Sapphire

There’s a time and place for scrum teams, user stories, wireframes, code, and endless stakeholder meetings. But if you want to skip all of that, no one is going to blame you. If your organization wants to move fast while delivering amazing SMART on FHIR apps, Sapphire has got you covered.

Drag-and-drop the app into place while your physicians and nurses are giving you requirements. Show them the output and get immediate feedback. Tweak the app with a few more SMEs, then roll it out. If you need to modify or enhance it after it’s live, just do it. It’ll take you minutes and there’s no penalty.


Are you tired of all of the work it takes to get and keep budget for development projects? Are there too many meetings and too much pressure to get the product done exactly right the first time? Do you feel constant date-driven pressure while coordinating activities across multiple project resources?

With Sapphire the cost never changes whether you’re building one or a hundred apps. You can plan in days as opposed to months, and you’ll save everyone a ton of time, money, and resources. You’ll probably even be thanked. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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How it Works

Sapphire is a cloud-based development platform that is constantly maintained to the latest standards. It comes with pre-built widgets (Problems, Medications, etc.) that you drag-and-drop in whatever configuration you like, to assemble working apps in minutes. Anyone in your organization can use it. There is no coding whatsoever! Sapphire has a rapid development approach that will reduce requirements gathering sessions, and stakeholder/steering committee reviews. Watch the 2 minute video to the left to see it in action.

Available Widgets & Tools

Rapid app building is made possible by the library of pre-built widgets that Sapphire offers. Simply drag-and-drop widgets in any arrangement your app requires, then configure them to perform actions such as pre-filling forms/medical calculators, processing clinical decision support rules, and launching additional workflows.

The following widgets are available today:

  • Care Plans
  • Forms / Questionnaires
  • Medical Calculators / Risk Assessments
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Problems
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Lab Results
  • Procedures
  • Vital Signs
  • Encounters
  • Many more coming soon

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What else does Sapphire do?

  • Supports CDS-Hooks
  • Comes with built-in semantic normalization APIs
  • Brings its own robust Clinical Decision Support rules engine
  • Maintains and supports all of your apps in SaaS infrastructure
  • Constantly updated to the latest standards - SMART, FHIR, SNOMED, ICD10, etc
  • Let’s you speed up stakeholder review process by bringing working apps to each meeting
  • Eliminates code, wireframes, and endless specification documents