Hospital Quality & Surgery

Pre-habilitation (Pre-Hab)

We all understand the concept of rehabilitating after an invasive surgery or procedure. Even more important than rehabilitation may be “pre-habilitation” (pre-hab) – the act of getting a patient’s body ready prior to a surgery.

Because surgeries are so hard on the body, it’s important to make sure that a person’s body is physically fit enough to recover from a surgery. That’s where Pre-hab evaluations and regimens come in. These apps use nationally recognized guidelines to evaluate, and track a patient’s “surgery ready” fitness in areas such as – nutrition, sleep, and frailty; while also creating a regimen (if necessary) to get the patient in the best condition possible prior to surgery.

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Pre-Op Evaluation

Before you operate on that patient, did you check their Caprini DVT risk score? Are they on any anticoagulation meds? Did their labs or images come back positive or negative? If you’re like many hospital departments, there’s a list of preoperative information laminated and thumbtacked to various workstations that everyone is expected to check. The trouble is, finding all of that info is not a simple task in the EHR, and often turns into a hunt for information when you’re in a time crunch.

Our Preoperative Evaluation app brings all of this information together into a neat and tidy view. One click gets you all of the info you need. The best thing about it is that it’s highly customizable so it can be tailored to fit each of our department’s unique requirements within your hospital.

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Post-Op Opioid Monitoring

Opioid reduction is quickly becoming a CMS hospital quality measure due to the dangers that opioids present. The Opioid Monitoring app makes it easy for physicians to track and monitor daily opioid consumption for “opioid-naive” patients after surgery and before discharge. The app tracks every opioid consumed by the patient on a daily basis during the encounter, and graphically represents the daily utilization trend while also displaying relative potency between opioids. Guideline based clinical decision support recommendations are also provided to guide providers towards eliminating opioid utilization prior to discharge.

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