SapphireTM SMART on FHIR App Assembler

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Who We Are

We are a team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and engineers that bring boots-on-the-ground experience in healthcare workflows and technology. Our customers, large and small, have always had strict budgets which is why our products and services are geared toward rapid delivery while removing development cost, SME time, and endless project meetings.

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Sapphire SMART on FHIR App Assembler

Building 1 or 2 SMART on FHIR apps is affordable, but you'll soon realize you need 20 to 30. What do you do then? Enter Sapphire App Assembler, a drag-and-drop SMART on FHIR app assembler that anyone can use to build apps in minutes. It's all in the cloud so there's no maintenance and deployment headaches. And did we mention it's super affordable?

Clinical Decision Support

CDS is a powerful tool when designed and tuned properly. However, translating Care Pathways/Clinical Guidelines into a set of rules, order sets, etc, can be tricky. There's lots of room for interpretation between clinical and technical SMEs. Our industry accepted methodology will get consensus quickly. We wrote the rules on writing rules!

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Semantic Normalization

Your ACO, health system, and HIE relies on clinical data to inform doctors, feed CDS, and report on quality initiatives. With so much data flowing from different sources in today, semantic normalization that puts it into context is more important than ever. Without it data could be dropped altogether, or lead to an incorrect decision.